Stem Cell Graft

OSTEOCEL ALLOGRAFT CELLULAR BONE GRAFT, (Stem cell graft): For many years, use of the patients’ own bone (autograft) has been considered the industry “gold standard” for bone grafting. Osteocel is designed to mimic the same physiologic properties of autograft without the effects and limitations that can be associated with using your own bone as a graft. Because of the unique properties of Osteocel, your surgeon has identified this material as the best option for you.  Osteocel is a comprehensive bone graft developed to mimic your own bone autograft. To facilitate your return to daily activities, Osteocel provides the following bone-growing components: SCAFFOLD Osteocel retains the natural scaffold, or support structure, for new bone to grow on and through. SIGNALS For bone formation to occur, specific signals are necessary to direct the process. These signals act on the cells within Osteocel, and help direct your body’s own cells to stimulate bone formation. CELLS Osteocel contains viable mesenchymal stem cells. These bone-forming cells are naturally present in our bodies and are essential for bone tissue formation and healing. Osteocel technology preserves the live bone-forming cells in donor tissue. These cells are not manipulated or artificially added to the product and are specifically tested for cell viability and ability to form bone before clinical use is approved.

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