Meet The Staff

Meet Our Oral Surgery Team | Palo Alto

We invite you to read through the pictures and information in this section to get to know the oral surgery team of Palo Alto Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Please use our Appointment Request form or call our Palo Alto office for more information or assistance: Palo Alto Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Office Phone Number 650-617-1900.

Staff Smiling

Lida, Roshni, Amanda, Apryl, Charry, Patty and Rocio

Apryl, Office Manager Smilling

Apryl, Office Manager


Charry, Head Surgical Assistant Smiling

Charry, Head Surgical Assistant

Roshni, Surgical Assistant smiling

Roshni, Surgical Assistant


Patty, Insurance Coordinator Smiling

Patty, Insurance Coordinator

Amanda, Scheduling Coordinator smiling

Amanda, Scheduling Coordinator


Lida, Surgical Assistant smiling

Lida, Surgical Assistant

Rocio, Surgical Assistant smiling

Rocio, Surgical Assistant